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Feet on the Floorboards

by Green Heron

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I was thinking of the day we met We had a picnic on the hill Excuse me you seem to forget That you left me with the bill I’m sad ‘cuz I’m blue I’m blue ‘cuz I’m lonesome too I’m lonesome ‘cuz I’m alone I’m alone without you Each day when we woke there was a song Deep in my heart so dear to me Well tell me do I remember it wrong But that song was always out of key On the night I gave to you a ring As we strolled on down the lane Well that piece of junk ain’t worth a thing ‘Cuz you gave Cindy, Sue, and Sally all the same
If the river was whiskey and I was a duck I’d dive to the bottom and never come up Tell me how long have I got to wait? Oh can I get you now or must I hesitate? I ain’t no doctor but the doctor’s son I can play the doctor ‘til the doctor comes I was born in England, raised in France Only sent the coat hanger, wouldn’t send the pants I was born in Alabama, raised in Tennessee Don’t you like my peaches don’t shake my tree I’m looking down the road as far as I can see A man’s got a woman and the blues got me I’ve got the hesitation stockings, hesitation shoes Lord, lord, lord I’ve got the hesitation blues
The curtains softly blowing let the sunlight in And the chattering in the yard sounds like a din It’s Jeannie’s friend the Carolina Wren And she turns her head and goes to sleep again Could you tell me what’s the time? I don’t have a notion or a rhyme And could you turn me on a dime Back to my life? Out on the porch she hears the Mockingbird’s song The one about the man who did her wrong And Jeannie sings along when he gets to the line About the talk that seemed so sweet there under the pines Jeannie finally opens up the window shade As faded as the Phoebe's ashy grey Come afternoon she puts the clothes out to dry And a lone sock stuck inside brings a tear to her eye Don’t forget, she says to herself You were always kept upon a shelf Jimmy always flies like the geese in the fall And Jeannie, you know, you don’t need that at all
Way down in Columbus Georgia Wish I was back in Tennessee Way down in Columbus Stockade Friends all turned their backs on me So go and leave me if you wish to Never let me cross your mind But in your heart you love another Leave me darling, I don’t mind Last night as I lay sleeping I dreamt I held you in my arms When I awoke I was mistaken I was peering through the bars Many an hour with you I’ve rambled Many a night with you I’ve spent Thought I had your heart for ever Now I find it’s only lent
Won’t you sing me a song as the day grows long I swear, I’ll hum along too Though the sun soon will set I won’t soon forget This song I sing with you We’ll break our bread on a soft grassy bed By the ripple of the murmuring spring And it’s there we will be with the birds in the trees To find what each morning will bring And every night by firefly light Remember the words that ring true The moon lights the way and together we’ll play This song I sing with you When we wander at will down the slow rolling hill In the chill or in the warm mid-day glow What a joy to find that we both have a mind To learn what the other may know On the sweet summer air is our sweet love so fair Like the feathers in the tree swallow’s nest And the birds in the sky and the blue in your eye Are the sights that I love the best Won’t you play me a tune on the first day of June About what the moon wants to say We’ll dance with the stars and make the night ours And together we’ll be ‘til the day
Well, I got the early Monday morning working blues And I put on my worn out working shoes Well the weekend was too short and I can’t choose When the Lord made the working girl, he made the blues And I'm tired of working my life way And givin’ somebody else all of my pay While they get rich on the profits that I lose And leaving me here with the working girl blues Aye yodel aye ee, working girl blues And I can't even afford a new pair of shoes While they can live in any penthouse they choose And all I have got is the working girl blues Well, my boss said a raise is due ‘most any day But I wonder if my hair will all turn gray Before he turns that dollar loose and I get my dues And I lose a little bit of these working girl blues
Well, I got a friend down the lane Got a friend ‘round the bend Got a friend ‘round the corner He might know little Jack Horner And he’s been gone so long Take a walk up the hill Take a walk down the lane Through the woods to see Tom Thumb He’s got more to say than some And he’s been gone so long In the wind, the rain And no one knows his name His name is John They only care how long he’ll be gone In the shed, stacking sticks In the lane selling bricks Peter’s got into the booze Because he’s got them piper’s blues And he’s been gone so long Well, I got a friend down the lane Got a friend ‘round the bend Got a friend ‘round the corner He might know little Jack Horner And he’s been gone so long
I come here to you folks I’m ragged but I’m right I’m a rough and rowdy gambler I get drunk every night I eat a porterhouse steak three times a day for board That’s more than any loafer in this whole world can afford I’ve got a big electric fan keep me cool while I sleep A bouncing little girl dancing ‘round at my feet I’m a rambler and a gambler I get drunk every night I tell you folks I’m ragged but I’m right I go everywhere and I don’t pay no fair I can ride a freight train most any old where I go from town to town and I ramble all around I’m the ragged man ‘round here
When the dew sees the sunrise I will be on my way Though there’s always another Thing or two left to say And I’ll miss your sweet eyes, love And your arms where I lay I’ll be back in the evening But it won’t be today And I know it’s not right, love To leave you so sad When the blue leaves the ocean That’s when I’ll be back Well, there’s something that keeps me From making a start On the life that I know Love, you’d have a part And I won’t soon find better Than the warmth in your heart That’s not why I wander It’s not why we’re apart Well, the preacher he prays With a bible on his knee And the teacher will find A way to make you see And the bookkeeper toils Labels parts one, two, three And the sailor, my love Must be on the sea


Featuring 15 tracks of American roots music, Green Heron's third album Feet on the Floorboards joins old classics with brand new songs that range from foot-stomping fiddle tunes to heartfelt duets.


released May 13, 2021

Betsy Heron - Vocals, fiddle, guitar, kazoo
Scott Heron - Vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin
Jed Rosen - Upright bass

All music written by Green Heron except Columbus Stockade Blues, Hesitation Blues, Johnson Gals, Ragged But Right, Stone’s Rag, and Working Girl Blues

Produced by Green Heron
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ben Haravitch at Circus Tent Studio
Photography by Amanda Kowalski


all rights reserved



Green Heron New Hampshire

The music of Green Heron stretches across the entire folk landscape. Old-time, folk, bluegrass, country, Irish and blues music are all represented as the band brings the back porch to the stage.

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